Finding the Rhythm of Life

I love the Lord, go to church and study the Word, but sometimes things just don’t seem to click.

Jesus promised us an abundant life.  He told us to be of good cheer, He had overcome the world. One day as I was meditating on some things in my life, things that I didn’t understand, I heard a whisper in my heart,  “Find the rhythm of life.”

After meditating on this for months, little by little I began to feel like I was beginning to get a glimpse of that rhythm. I had fallen into a trap, I was busy doing the Lord’s work, but I had neglected my time with Him.

The Holy Spirit began to bring to my remembrance scriptures that I had hidden in my heart years before. One was 1 Thessalonians 5:23 (nlt): “ Now may the God of peace make you holy in every way, and may your whole spirit and soul and body be kept blameless until our Lord Jesus Christ comes again.”

We are to keep our whole spirit, soul and body blameless.   I realized in that moment how each area affects the others and that our spirit, soul and body had to flow together in “rhythm” so we would not stumble and fall in life.

It is hard to get out of bed a little early to read the Bible and have some quiet time when you are totally exhausted because you have not taken care of your body, have not exercised, eaten a healthy diet and  are stressed out over money.  It is also hard to be a positive influence on your family and friends when you are discouraged, depressed and disappointed, a reflection of an unhealthy soul.

After serving the Lord on the mission field and traveling to the nations for several years, everything in my life seemed to collapse.  I could not cope with my life. I was totally exhausted, I had no desire to study the Word of God and I felt totally alone. What happened?

After a year in this condition, the Lord sent an “angel” to tell me that God loved me.  I had never met the woman face-to-face, but I had encouraged her with a letter after reading her book.  She was cleaning her desk one day and found the letter I had sent. God spoke clearly to her, “Call her and tell her I love her.”  When I heard those words, I began to weep and the healing process started in my heart.  God had not forgotten me.

I had gained 75 pounds during this time, and  now I was fighting guilt and condemnation in this image-obsessed world.  I cried out to the Lord for help.  “Lord, I need a word from You.”  I love to hear God’s voice, and I knew that Jesus said that His sheep follow Him because they hear His voice (John 10:4,27).

One day the Lord spoke, “Break the habit.”  I knew immediately what He meant –  my food habit.  From that day He began to reveal to me how I had to walk in unity with myself to conquer this battle.  I had to pursue health in my spirit, soul and body to overcome in this world.  I had to keep my temple strong and take care of it, so I had the strength to renew my soul and build a strong spirit.

I believe that is what is missing in this “diet-crazed, body-imaged world,”  which has crept into the Church.

The devil has always used food to destroy God’s people. Why can’t we stop eating when we know certain foods are not good for us? Why does all the information about health seem to go right over our head?  You cannot fix a spiritual problem with a natural solution.  Food addiction is fast overtaking smoking to being the number one cause of death from a preventable disease.

One day, I saw the words, “The devil wants you fat!”  My heart was pierced.  The last thing I wanted to do was please the devil.  “God,” I cried, “please forgive me for not taking care of my body.”  When I submitted my food problem to the Lord, He gave me a battle plan that worked from the inside out, and took 90 pounds from my body.

  I had found the rhythm of life! My spirit, soul and body had

to walk in unity to overcome in this world.

When Jesus promised us abundant life, it was not an abundance of things; it was an abundance of  joy, peace and righteousness. Romans 14:17 says, For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of what we eat or drink, but of living a life of goodness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (NLT).