Isolated image of four women of different generations

Mothers are Leaders

As I was thinking about all the controversy about women and their role in society, the Lord spoke to my heart, “Mothers are Leaders.”   As I pondered these words, He brought to my remembrance Jochebed.     

Most Bible readers don’t know her by name. She is mentioned twice in the Bible by her name, Exodus 6:20 and Numbers 26:39.

Without doubt her life was not a bed or roses. She was raised in slavery, but she never lost hope for her household. Her character was forged in a brutal world, but she never lost her love for the God of Israel, and her faith in Him developed her character which she imparted into her children.

She had the unique position of raising three leaders: Moses, Aaron and Miriam. She is listed in Hebrews Chapter 11 with other great leaders.

After many years of favor in Egypt, Pharaoh became threatened by the children of Israel and inflicted them with hard labor, but the more he did, the stronger they became.  In his effort to stop them, He commanded that all baby boys be cast into the river at birth.

As Jochebed gave birth and the cry of her newborn baby cut through the home, she was distracted by the remembrance of the king’s command. “It’s a boy,” she was told.  “Give me my son,” she responded.

As she held her son, she saw that he was a beautiful child. As she looked him over from head to toe, she had a sudden awareness that this child was a gift from God and was convinced that God had plans for her child.  Hebrews 11:23 tells us, By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden three months by his parents, because they saw he was a beautiful child; and they were not afraid of the king’s command.”  By faith….because they saw!  Faith saw the promise of God, that He gives life! By faith they were obedient to God and they were not afraid of man!

During the next three months insecurities tried to plague her, but her assurance and confidence in her God gave her the courage to fight for her son’s life. Because she was not bound by natural thinking, God’s plan in heaven began to form in her mind.  It was simple, waterproof your basket, place your baby in it and place it in the river.

Her motivation was not only the love for her child, but obedience to God.

As Jochebed placed Moses in the basket, she gave Miriam instructions to stand at the river’s edge to see what would happen.

Pharaoh’s daughter just happened to be in the river. When she saw the basket she recognized this was a Hebrew baby and her heart was filled with compassion. She knew what her father had commanded, but God has a way to change the heart of men and women living in this earth. When Miriam saw this, she stepped forward with the same peace of her mother and asked if she should call a woman to nurse the baby. “Go,” she answered, and Miriam called her mother.

When Jochebed came forward, Pharaoh’s daughter said, “Take this child away and nurse him for me, and I will give you your wages.” So, the woman took the child and nursed him.” (Exodus 2:9) She no longer had to hide her baby and received wages for nursing him.  Only God!

Jochebed’s next step of faith was to return her baby to the house of her enemy!

Moses ultimately led the children of Israel out of Egypt, but his mother set the plan into action by her obedience to God!  Her faith had been tested. Her family saw what a small thing it was for God to change their circumstances and put their enemies under His feet! 

He has not changed!  He is the same God that parted the Red Sea, that changed the heart of a woman and filled her with compassion, and she had no idea she was being used of God for His plan for man on this earth!

There is nothing new under the sun, the same enemy of man is still determined to steal, kill and destroy everything that God has created in this earth!  The same God is searching for men and women that will stand strong in their faith and hear His voice and be willing and obedient to follow His plan to bring His Kingdom to earth.

Psalm 119:111 tells us, “Your testimonies I have taken as a heritage forever, For they are the rejoicing of my heart.”  Testimonies in the Bible tell us our “family history.” They also give us God’s perspective and His version of history, imparting insight and reality from His point of view.

Meditating on the testimonies is a training ground for renewing our minds. The prophetic anointing carried through testimonies brings encouragement and comfort in our time of need giving us that quiet assurance that all things are possible with God!  Read and study this testimony in Exodus 1:22, 2:1-10 and Hebrews 11:23.